ESA 2019 North American Conference

The largest meeting of researchers in behavioral and experimental economics!

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Last month I had the chance to present my work at the 2019 North American conference of the Economic Science Association which was held here in Los Angeles at the beautiful campus of the Loyola Marymount University in association with the University of Southern California. The Economic Science Association (ESA in short) is the largest association of researchers in the fields of behavioral and experimental economics: ”devoted to using controlled experiments to learn about economic behavior”. They also publish two journals: Experimental Economics and the Journal of the Economic Science Association. ESA also hosts two google discussion boards that I recommend to everyone interested in the field: Announcements – where you can find job postings, conferences, workshops, etc, and Experimental Methods Discussion – where researchers in the field post and answer questions related to laboratory experimental questions. 

The conference was a massive success, both organizationally (kudos to Anya Samek and Jennifer Pate) and in terms of the quality of research presented and audience engagement. I presented my paper ”Incentives or Persuasion? An Experimental Investigation” (with Giorgio Coricelli and Alexander Vostroknutov) in an almost full classroom. The audience engagement, both during my presentation and after the session concluded, was very interesting and inspiring. I had the chance to put my name out there and meet researchers from institutions across the world. Taking note of their comments and different perspectives on my paper was nothing short of eye-opening. Here’s a short clip of my presentation below.

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