6th Annual Conference of the International Association of Applied Econometrics (IAAE)

The International Association of Applied Econometrics (IAAE), one of the most important econometric associations, held their 2019 6th annual conference in Cyprus, at the capital city of Nicosia, between June 25-28. That is something you don’t see every day for the small island where I come from. I was excited about this conference and the opportunity to present one of my applied papers back home since it was first announced – a year prior. With some hard work, we managed to put our work with Arie Kapteyn into a paper for submission and we got in! I presented our joint paper “Relativity and Habit Formation in Life Satisfaction” on the first day of the conference, June 25. Somewhat surprisingly we were not the only life satisfaction paper in the session and as such I got great feedback and met some really interesting colleagues from the UK. The conference was unsurprisingly overpopulated with Greeks and Cypriots – an encouraging sign for my compatriots in the profession.

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